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The difference between Beeswax, Soy & Petroleum Candles

Burn time: Beeswax will burn at a really slow paste, soy burns at a regular slow paste and petroleum candles burn really fast.
Smell: Beeswax candles are not easily scented, soy candles are also not easily scented but give a lot more scent than beeswax and petroleum candles smell a lot.
Smoke: Petroleum candles create a lot of smoke. Beeswax and soy are smokeless.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a natural candle that will burn for days get beeswax.
If you’re looking for a smelling, long lasting natural candle get soy.
If you want a quick burning and smell in your home get a petroleum candle that will fill your home with gas.

*All my candles are homemade & hand poured. Most of them are pure soy & I offer beeswax candles as well.